Attached Parenting

I am passionate about life. Being an Immigrant and a woman in this country has blessed me in many ways. I love helping people and I have a passion for Health, Wellness and Nutrition.  I am a Certified Toxic-Free Consultant, I have a vast knowledge in Alternative Medicine and Holistic Care. The  level of understanding I have when it comes to Nutrition and Parasitology has helped me to aid others in their pursuit to better Health.  When you are exposed to  information you have to make a choice that is right for you. This path of living can not be forced into anyone, people must see it as a Lifestyle and choose it on their own free will.

Home GardenI do not like using labels when it comes to eating habits because I LOVE food. Eating habit labels can be unhealthy and some times counter productive. I’m a vegetarian by choice, most days I  have a vegan diet and although I am not a Raw foodist I find myself enjoying and creating Raw Food recipes. At one point had a edible garden with lots of herbs, some fruits and veggies. Growing your own foods and having a garden is a very interesting and rewarding hobby.

Another topic I have vast amounts of experience and knowledge besides business is Pregnancy and Parenting. I can talk about this subject for hours even days. I love this stage in a woman’s life as the growth a woman goes through spiritually and emotionally is transforming. There is no greater gift on this earth than to give birth and the gift of life itself.

The best advice I can give to a woman before or during pregnancy is to do prenatal yoga. In my opinion this can be very beneficial as you get your body and muscles aligned with baby for the delivery day. Eating healthy and exercising is crucial for a healthy baby and a safe delivery. Having the right nutrition for mom to be and baby is just one of the things a woman need to be informed about. I am an advocate for Unmedicated Natural childbirth. Being able as a woman to take control and allow your body to gracefully do what it was intended to do is simply priceless. However if a woman is not able to have an unmedicated birth this is okay and they should not fell bad about this. Having a safe delivery, pregnancy and healthy baby is the ultimate goal.

Healthy PregnancyI know how damaging it can be without parents when you are young. I grew most of my young years without both figures in my life. When I first learned I was expecting I did so much researched as I wanted to be prepared and be a great mother. A mother figure I did not have for myself. I became fascinated with the information about “Attached Parenting” My husband and I did baby wearing, cloth diapering, Elimination Communication and Co-Sleeping.  All my  current 4 children were breastfeed for at least one year. Breast is best and I am a huge advocate for breast feeding. What this means to health and well being to child is magnificent. Again if a woman is not able to do this there is no shame and she should not feel guilty.

I am a very spiritual being. I work every day to have love, forgiveness, patience and gratitude in my heart. Because of my living style my children are warm, sweet and have the utmost respect for other peoples beliefs. They enjoy being homeschool and have developed a love for “Network Marketing”as they have seen the advantage this career path offers both parents and childrenNatural Childbirth

Gratefully, my work and career is unlike most mothers. I am a Network Marketer Professional. I have the privileged of working with other people that are entrepreneurs like me and have time freedom and are working to be Financially Free. To me is an honor and a dream come true because I get to develop friendships from all around the world. I am able to learn from people and I am able to share my life experiences with many. All while caring  and taking care of my family, never missing any milestone or important event.

In today’s society a Mother is very powerful and very efficient at multi tasking. The world is not like it used to be and not that mothers were never amazing before but with today’s technology and opportunities we have an amazing advantage that it wasn’t available to us before. We can do so much and because our families are the most important thing we have, we thrive at greatness.

Being an entrepreneur is easy  for me. I am not afraid to share with others what I do,  I am a people person. I enjoy helping other women and families by presenting viable money making opportunities. I am blessed and grateful to have you on my site reading about my lifestyle, experience and knowledge. May your life always be filled with blessings, happiness, health and wealth.

“There is No Wealth without Health”
~ Silvia Shamus